BA Economics (Hons.) of Delhi University is one of the most prominent and diversified courses. Mostly, learners get fond of the subject economics and develop a great liking in their schooling and decide to go for opting economics as their main area of study for graduation. Economics hons. is considered one of the best courses of Delhi University, so if you are dreaming of getting into this course, then you are making the right choice. Being one of the most demanded courses of Delhi University, it is not that easy to get into this course. The cut-offs are usually very high. Although the minimum criterion of eligibility needed to be met for getting admitted into this course is a 10+2 or equivalent qualification from a recognized university with a minimum aggregate of 50%.

Economics Hons. offers a diversified knowledge in economics and leads to advanced understanding and also develops analytical skills for the same. BA Economics (Hons.) is a three-year graduation degree. This field studies the macro and micro aspects of an economy and markets within it. There are many colleges that offer this course in Delhi University such as St. Stephen’s College, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Hindu College, Lady Shri Ram College, Miranda House, etc.

For this course, you need to have a good understanding of mathematics as it is a compulsory subject. In the initial two semesters, you are offered subjects such as Mathematical Methods in Economics, Introductory Microeconomics and Macroeconomics followed by the next two semesters where you learn about subjects such as Statistical Methods In Economics and Econometrics, which are very useful subjects, then in the last two semesters, you are provided with more distinguished subjects such as Indian Economy, International Economics, Public Economics, etc. These subjects provide you with the most thorough knowledge and at the same time after acquiring so much understanding in these subjects, many learners develop a keen interest in this field and they decide to continue in this field only.

After successfully completing your graduation in the specified course, you have plenty of career options waiting for you. Many learners go-ahead for MA Economics which is again a very prominent post-graduation degree of two-year. Colleges such as Delhi School of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Statistical Institute, etc offer this degree. You can also pick MBA for your post-graduation. Career options such as being an Economist, working in Banking and Financial Services, Investment Administrator and Analyst, Actuarial Science, and you can also choose IES(Indian Economical Services).

Economics as a career has always been highly rewarding. BA Economics (Hons) is a great course to choose and get along with. Throughout your graduation, you are being made a part of many different activities related to economics, many conferences involving profound teachers of economics are also held on a regular basis, all these activities lead to skill enhancement of the learners in many ways.

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