It is a challenging situation for a student to live away from his/her own home and parents and adjust to a new environment. House hunting is a tiring task for both the student and his/her parents. Every student wants to get the best flat with respect to a good location (nearest to his campus) and proper security system at the most reasonable rates.

Here are some tips and tricks that a student tenant should take care of-  

 Market Research

Before making any deal with the landlord, you as a tenant should do healthy market research on the average rents prevailing in the market, location of the PG/Flat, security system, and the facilities provided by the landlord. You can either search online through various rental portals or can take help from your friends, family, or a real estate broker. This research will benefit you in finding the best flat/PG under your budget.

Explore the property

Get a meeting scheduled with your landlord to check for all the basic amenities and other facilities available at the selected  property. Look for facilities like proper power supply, sanitation, 24*7 water supply, security system, ventilated rooms, and friendly roommates. You can take any elder or friend or a real estate broker along with you to get their support in getting the best flat. In case the facilities provided at the flat satisfy your requirements, just don't show your excitement to the landlord immediately, this might end you up in paying a higher rent.

Proper Documentation 

Keep your documents ready regarding your educational background, financial conditions, and family details in front of the landlord for his satisfaction. This can help you win the landlord's confidence.

Recommendation Letter

Get a recommendation letter from your previous landlord to prove your credibility in front of your new landlord. This way, the landlord will get an assurance that you pay your rent on time. 

Work upon yourself

Dress properly while going to meet your landlord and behave in a well-mannered way while talking to him. Practice before you go and learn how to negotiate with the landlord so that you make the best deal. Be confident enough during the conversation and clear all your doubts before signing the contract. Try to impress your landlord with your communication skills.