Finding the right accommodation can be a tough task especially in metropolitan cities. With a limited budget, students often face a big problem. Rents can be quite high and with the other expenses of living in the city, it can add up very quickly.

From books, transport, and pocket money your expense can end up going up significantly and that is why it is important to make sure you find an accommodation that is within your budget. Look for the basic facilities that are important in student accommodation and try not to be distracted by luxuries.

A few simple tips you can follow to find that perfect place for you are as follows:

Distance from College-

Commuting can be very time consuming and tiring. Apart from that, traveling to and from college every day can be quite expensive if your College and accommodation are far apart. For example, if you study at Hindu College, you would prefer to find accommodation for students in areas like Kamla Nagar, Vijay Nagar, or other nearby areas. You can save by walking to College or if your commute is just a short E-rickshaw ride.

Shops and Markets-

The accommodation you choose must have an access to shops or a market nearby where you can find all your day to day needs. Student accommodations are usually located near colleges and these areas generally do have shops that cater to the needs of students so make sure everything you need is available nearby.

Atmosphere and safety of the area-

Make sure that you are comfortable with the area you will be living in and that the surroundings are clean, safe, and accessible. Along with the atmosphere of the area, you also need to keep in mind its safety. Dirty, camped lanes and dark streets should be avoided for your safety and well-being.

Availability of basic facilities-

Keep in mind the availability of basic services such as laundry, drinking water, food, cleaning, etc. as these can add up quickly. You want to make sure that all the facilities you need are provided or easily available at a reasonable rate.

Know where to look-

It can be impossible to set out and find good student accommodation. Brokers can be expensive and dealing with them can be a long and tiring process. Head online to Houseitt and enter your needs and find the apartments that suit you best!

Ask your friends-

If you have friends, family, seniors, or anyone else you know who lives in the area, ask them about it and use the previous tips to decide if you should be staying there or not.

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