Towards a Healthy Relationship


Mutual respect and trust are the pillars of a healthy relationship, be it a love relationship o friendship or any other relationship. Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love. If you lose respect for your partner, you will lose feelings of love. Equal efforts should be made by both the partners in any relationship to keep the bond alive and keep the trust, respect and care intact. Respect is not just about talking politely, but it is more about understanding each other's feelings, dreams, interests, opinions, personal space, and values.

“I love moon, you love stars”

In conflicting times, if you are seeing Number 6, then there are chances that your partner might be seeing number 9. Here you need not decide who is wrong and who is right rather you both have to understand each other's opinion and end the argument. This will not only increase the mutual respect in your relationship but the two of you will also come closer to each other.