TV is a New PVR


Iss duniya meh sirf 3 cheeze important hai, Entertainment, Entertainment aur Entertainment. To all the movie lovers in town and appreciators of an eclectic bollywood culture, Covid-19 has taken a toll not only on health and economy but on the entertainment world too. With all the Cineplexs and movie halls being shut down indefinitely, we miss being closely associated with the enigmatic cinematic world and are somewhat disassociated being a part of the world of words. However, the recent developments in technology and a full scale dot com revolution has completely changed the metrics associated with movies and TV shows. Now one doesn't need to spend thousands of rupees on a single movie outing. Subscribe to any of the online binge watching platforms, connect it to your screens, sit back, relax and enjoy. We can bless ourselves to be living in an era of digital transformation to enable us to sort all our needs at the click of a few buttons.

Clearly the online binge watching industry has taken a great reversal. With suspension of any other source of media entertainment, people of all age structures didn't have an option but to shift and come to the resort of previously widely popular binge watching platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5 among many others. This is owing to the fact that Covid-19 and the conditional lockdown that followed had forced people to stay indoors in lieu of practising social distancing. With such garanguatan restrictions on movement and metabolic activities, individuals didn't have any option but to find alternative sources of entertainment. Then came the panacea of all ills, our widely loved and adored streaming platforms.

It's an irrefutable fact that all the aforementioned streaming sites have seen a surge of monumental proportions in business activities. All of Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and Zee5 have officially reported a host of new users joining in and subscribing to their mostly preferred plans. This was ought to follow as in the current situation, TV is the new PVR. The big players were wise enough to for-see incumbent happenings and understand consumer behaviour. This led them to aggressively market their USP and exclusive contents across all forms of paid and unsolicited advertising platforms. In addition they didn't restrict their overall sales strategy to mere marketing but also introduced a host of new TV shows and movies to attract more and more number of people across all demographic dividends. They capitalized on the opportunity of making the binge watching sites not only as mere containers of content but as an ultimate recourse to all forms of media entertainment.

The aforementioned idea is poignantly highlighted by the fact people of all ages are somewhat getting hooked to Netflix, Prime Video etc. It has increased its customer base from mere teen agers and middle aged class to upper middle aged people, senior citizens and children too. This is well put by the fact that Hotstar is now streaming Lord Ganesh's and Lord Krishna's epic in addition to special ops and English medium thus attracting the senior age category people.

Jio Cinema and Voot have started dedicated streaming sites for children of less than 10 years of age by creating a decent set of content of cartoons/video plays and other animatory characters. Barring the fact that Money Heist and Breaking Bad still wins the race, all these streaming sites have target people of all age and preferences thus leading to a wider and greater nexus of networks. The earlier not so popular Netflix in house, is now witnessing altercations between individuals of different choice and preferences. The earlier nagging grandmother is now happily watching our historic epics and divine serials on Hotstar and Prime. This is emblematic of what we call a change in status quo and adoption of a new normal.

No matter whether or not this continues in the post pandemic world but in the current period these sites have come to the rescue of many and have provided some really worthwhile streaming content for all kinds of people.

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