Types of people you meet on the first day of college

It can be quite intimidating imagining and reimagining how your first day at college would go about. Would the DU dream stand up to your expectations or be heavily monstrous? Would you find your college mommy among these plethora of personalities? Well, that's something only time can tell. Where it entirely depends on how much you explore, here is what you can expect –

1) The overachiever – The person who actually scored more than the first cut-off, the potential gold medalist. You can only wonder how much they study.

2) The extrovert –This person can actually transform the whole class into a family. There’s a good chance they exchange numbers with you in a jiffy.

3) The sporty – Straight out of a Karan Johar movie, the ground is their classroom.

4) The Gossip Bee- You’ll never guess how do they do it but from teachers to students, they leave no leaf unturned when it comes to gossip.

5) The ‘I put effort into my outfit’- They can pull off everything between Indo-western and Pyjamas. You can’t stop obsessing over their style.

6) The musician– Guitar, Drums, keyboard- you name it, they’ll be playing it. They just fill the room with their melodies.

7) The Polymath - This person knows about anything and everything in and out of the course. The one who questions the teacher even when the rest are sleeping, yes that’s the polymath.

8) The mass bunk executer – There’s a little part of this person in all of us but it can only be triggered by the person themselves.

9) The Traitor - Everyone hates this person’s guts for betraying the class during a mass bunk - EVERY TIME.

10) The South Delhi Diva– You might just end up spending an entire year teaching them that it’s ‘Bhaiya’, not ‘Baiya’ and don’t you ever touch their Chanel; they’re super possessive about it!

11) The ‘Eid ka chand’- You’ll only see them on a test day or when they were too bored sitting at home and finally decide to show up at college.

12) The Crush – The only reason you go to college.

13) The sleepy head- They don’t care what lecture it is, they just need their sleep.

14) The CR- The person next to God. They’ll talk it through with the teachers, get you ECA’s, make mass bunks a success and are too exhausted forwarding every message in the class group.


...and so many more. Scout through the college and discover your new chums. Be it an extrovert or Gossip Bee, they’re going to be your buddies for the next three years and counting. So chill out scrap because college is going to be fun; just kidding; it’s not. You’re going to be burdened with heaps of books, assignments and exams. So make sure you have your pals to help you survive.


(P.S. Don’t be number 11, no, don’t do that!)

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