Sometimes I laugh when I think about that day. My very first day I stepped in Delhi. It was a tiring day and I had a mixture of feelings popping in my head. Shifting to a new place isn't an easy job. It requires a lot of strength living away from parents and home town. Moreover when you have to live in a place like Delhi where people have no time for others , keep themselves indulged, one's existence becomes difficult. I have seen a lot of people who don't like the atmosphere of Delhi and resist sending their kids there. But luckily or unluckily whatever you say I wasn't that person.

After spending quite some time at every cranny lane, I felt delighted finding a place of my competence in Vijay Nagar.

No doubt, like every other student, my initial months kept me very impatient. I missed parents and homemade food but as time elapsed I felt more and more closer to it. Friends, college, studies can eventually keep us distracted and we somehow enjoy our existence.

Vijay Nagar is a place cum "jannat". You can get each and everything easily available within a reach of 1km. It is a bliss to dwell here. Be it temples, parks, cafes, gyms ,pgs, flats or shops, Vijay Nagar has it at all. You name it and we have it. It receives a healthy demand for residential properties due to the availability of quality housing in all budget categories. Investors get a host of options to choose from gated communities to villas and high-end apartments.

Other than a variety of road side stalls there are a lots of cafes. Few of them are No vacancy cafe, Bistro, Big yellow door etc. I would suggest you to visit each and every cafe , satisfy your taste buds and enjoy delicious meals. Stationary and school supplies are the most essential stuff one needs. 2 mins walk can fetch you good accessories but you need money in your pockets to buy things. Don't worry, here you have not just 1 or 2 but more ATMs.

Everything is so close from general to medical stores and from saloons to gyms, that you never have to worry about. You need 10 bucks and you land up to GTB or Vishwa Vidyalaya metro station, Kamla Nagar and nearby places. E-rick is also available from Hanuman Mandir or main gate, walking distance from residential areas.