What F.R.I.E.N.D.S. taught us


As they say, all human inventions were made to save people’s time, except television, that was made to waste it. The idiot box! To some extent, it is true but there’s so much you can learn even through television today. Monday programs give us news of current affairs, sports, and some real stress buster. And then, there is one soap opera that teaches us so much about valuing friendships and yet entertain us to the level of us bursting out laughing. It tells us why is it important to be true from our heart to anyone whom you call a friend. If you haven’t guessed the show yet, it is the American television sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

It beautifully represents how your true friends are going to be there for you. When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.

Apart from its brilliant writing, it involves a skillful cast. All the six characters in the show, who have completely different personalities, teach us something. Here are a few things that we learnt from them!

He teaches how you can always look at the brighter side of bad times even-though there may seem none. You can be content at finding happiness in people you love. Besides, it is alright to be selfish with things you love and not sharing them. Just like, “Joey doesn’t share food”.

Phoebe’s character by the majority of people is looked at as an uncanny character. She teaches us how we should not let our difficult past weaken us. The way she wears her soul on her sleeve shows how important it is to be unapologetically yourself. Even if the world refuses to accept you, you will find the tribe that will cherish your personality in every way. Above all, it is okay if you “Don’t even have a pla(n)”.

“He is not good at advice, can he interest you in a sarcastic comment?” His character shows how important it is to be comic to shed the stress off your body. Sometimes, in this vicious cycle of life, risk-taking and facing your fears for the person you love can turn out to be a beautiful decision. Chandler was one of the less fortunate, who had a bitter past too. Nevertheless, he didn’t let his past define who he became in the future.

Her character tells people to be comfortable in their skin and pamper their bodies just how it is. Whether it was her drive to make things look perfect which seemed imperfect to the world or her obscenity that didn’t match society’s beauty standards, she owned and carried them with confidence. “Comedy with things she’s obsessive about will not be received”.

Ross was considered more of a nerd amongst all. He breaks the stereotype and makes people believe that you can be a nerd and can still be found attractive. The number of relationships you have in your life doesn’t define who you are. It’s not always you who is the problem. You are not always what the world can see. One can be pain and still smile and say “I’m fine”.

It is correctly said that time is the best teacher. Rachel, till her very late years in life, wasn’t independent. With time, she learnt the importance of being accountable not to anybody but just to herself. She knows how to respect her freedom. She teaches that people must not let society’s expectations become a barrier. You’ll have your time, even if “Everyone you know is either getting married, pregnant or promoted” and you are not.

Last but not the least, the show teaches us that no matter how bad the days get in your life, you will find people who will love you and not disappoint you.

So, flirt like Joey, sing like Phoebe, joke like Chandler, clean like Monica, love like Ross, and dress like Rachel!

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