What makes a guy a man?


What does it mean to be a real man? Is it about the masculinity that makes you a man or is it the taboo that you need to bear all the pain without showing any emotions? What exactly do you need to be a man?

Being a good human being tops the list. Becoming a man from a guy is one of the biggest self-development. To transform from a guy to a man you need to devolve yourself in three particular attributes which are physically, mentally, and emotionally. Those three attributes are essential for becoming a man. This journey is difficult but not impossible. Let’s talk about some other things that will help you to become a man form a guy.

Take Responsibility: The first thing that makes a man is taking charge of his life. To do so, you must take the responsibility for micro-life choices. For your relationship, career, and life, you have to find out what you want. This is quite easier to say than to do it. Choosing your education, peers, and influences will dictate your life. You must make choices and commit yourself to them.

Be a value to the world: To become a man, you have to create some kind of value to the world. You must be able to create; you must be able to make something worthwhile for the world. You have to determine the value. Find out and get good at something that you are passionate about.

Express yourself: The difference between a boy and a man is that a man can express himself. He understands that he is only human and be able to express his bad feelings like pain and sorrow. Boys are who reside with the stereotypical macho identities. Emotions are what we are made of. Crying or being sad is not something that is only meant for girls. It’s natural.

Become true to yourself: A man knows what he can do and what he can’t do, so being true to yourself is very much important for this transformation. A man knows that taking too much on his plate won’t help him to achieve his goals but only distract him on his path.

Being empathetic Empathy helps people to get into communication with their emotions, which allows us an intuitive awareness of ourselves and others. It is one of the necessities for becoming a man because if you can’t feel what others are feeling that will have a huge effect on your dictions.

Those are five points that will help you to understand the contrast between a guy and a man. This does not mean that you need to imbibe only these five things in yourself to transform from a boy into a man. Becoming a man is a natural process that makes this journey a little difficult but not impossible.

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