Why go for MBA when you can get everything from B.A. (Vocational) HRM from CVS


Shreya is currently pursuing B.A. (Vocational) Human Resource Management from College of Vocational Studies, Delhi University. For her doing the vocational course was never a conscious & planned decision at the first place and now it is one like a fun roller coaster ride.

College of Vocational Studies offers various vocational courses. HRM is one of the most famous & demand-driven subjects. The course is divided into six semesters and three terms like all the other courses. In all the semesters, Business Organization & Environment and Economics remain as “Core subjects.”

In your first semester, you’ll be studying three subjects as core and one as an ability enhancement compulsory course. After each semester, AECC subject changes to Hindi, Computer Concepts & Software Packages and Business Communication & Personality Development accordingly. These subjects are easier to learn & absorb. Some of you must be thinking, HINDIII!!! So, don’t worry, Guys!

Hindi is divided into three sub-parts- Hindi A, Hindi B and Hindi C depending upon the fact, till where you have studied Hindi in School.
Like, for students who have studied Hindi in school till 8th standard will come under the category of Hindi C. For students who have studied Hindi till 10th grade will be in Hindi B and similarly, students who had Hindi as one of their subjects in 12th grade will be in Hindi A. The level of difficulty increases respectively.

Now, if you don’t happen to be from Commerce or Arts background, don’t worry at all!
Even Shreya was also from a different stream. The only difficulty faced was in Economics but if you manage to keep notes from the very starting, you’ll be able to score good marks.
HRM is considered as being one of the highest degree, professional courses and doing B.A. (Vocational) gives you ample time and space to manage other things on the side. You can easily do other certified professional courses, language courses and a hell lot of internships to boost your CV.

The syllabus of this course is quite short, more accurate and to the point. Compared to other B.Com courses which usually have nine-ten major topics divided into further sub-topics, the topics covered in this course are quite precise and taught keeping in mind the professional aspects & values.
Now, let’s quickly jump to the fact as to why you should sign up for this course. HRM offers a lot of opportunities. It is one of the newly developed departmental areas and every firm, be it small or large, needs an HR manager for hiring, recruiting, staffing, selection of the personnel and to manage smooth functioning of the organization. It supports the concept of hierarchy in recent times & has helped Mangers a lot.

People usually get confused about the fact that only after doing MBA you’ll get better job opportunities. I’m, in no way, targeting their views & opinions but I feel doing this course which gives you so much of time to do internships and courses, builds up your CV/Biodata better and powerful.
The placement cell also offers frequent & extra-ordinary opportunities to work at Starbuck’s, Bjyu’s, Wipro, KPMG, Zara, Deloitte, Indigo, etc. There are a lot of big-world reputed companies that hire students from this college.

Last, but not the least, HRM as a course provides understanding about various facets of Business, Entrepreneurship & Industrial world which helps the students to plan their careers better.

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