Frequently Asked Questions
General questions
Houseitt is a platform created by students, for students, that helps you find the perfect accommodation according to your needs by showing you the best properties nearby.
For example, Jayant gets admission in Delhi University and wants to find accommodation near his college. He now has two options. Searching online or going to a broker. If he searches online, he finds that there are not many options that suit him and the only available choices are expensive PGs and Brokers, each with some compromise or shortcoming. If he goes to a broker, he wastes time visiting all the properties and the broker’s main motive is to earn brokerage, not the customer’s satisfaction. Although Jayant is ready to pay brokerage, he doesn't want to deal with a broker as visiting brokers is time-consuming and frustrating.
  • HouseItt aggregates all the small brokers in the market and lists their properties on our platform.
  • Through us, students can go through a list of curated properties and enter in their preferences to filter suitable ones, all while sitting at home. Houseitt’s Area Managers then ensure that the student can properly visit and view the properties he has shortlisted.
  • Students still pay the brokerage to the broker, but now HouseItt takes care of all the hassles, to ensure you have a pleasant experience and the best choices.
The Houseitt community can help you connect with people, find internships, get discounts on brands, meet new people and participate in our meet and greets to get to know the community.
Houseitt student resources are services that Houseitt helps you find such as maid or cooks that a student may need.
Yes, Houseitt respects your data and our business model is not based on selling your data.
Flats, PG, rooms or whatever you need may be, Houseitt helps you find the best accommodation around campus. Our mission is to bring you affordable, accessible and student-centric accommodation and the best deals possible. Your next home is just a click away!
Property Partner
There are no charges to list your property or register yourself with us; it is totally free of cost. But on every Successful Booking there are some Charges.

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Anybody who owns a property of any kind (PGs, Flats, hostels) wherein students or Bachelors can reside can join the Houseitt Partners Community.
HouseItt was founded by Students of University of Delhi from with a mission to ease out students' problems and developing a common platform both for the students and brokers/owners.
You need to register yourself by filling the form, and then you can list your properties by uploading the pictures. From here we'll take the responsibility and generate leads for you.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Go to our website, www.houseitt.in
  • go to ‘list your property’
  • There you can add your details and sign up.
After you have finished the signup process, you can log into your account and start listing properties..
After signing up and listing your properties, you can then log into your account and view your dashboard to know how many views and how much interest your properties are getting.
After your property is listed, your property will be viewed by potential tenants who can then book a visit. Houseitt will inform you of all the leads on your property.
You can easily log in and delete the property from your dashboard.
You can recommend our platform to others and if they become a property partner and list their property, you will earn a cash reward for the referral.
You can search for properties using the search bar and save any properties you like to your shortlist. You need to be logged in as a client to save properties.
Once you shortlist a property, you can schedule a visit to the property from your dashboard.
Mail us at contact@houseitt.in or call at +91-7303667207 and we’ll provide you with further assistance
Go to the ‘careers’ page, search for an opportunity that suits your skillset and apply.
If your friend is searching for a flat or PG, recommend Houseitt to them and earn a cash reward when they rent a property through Houseitt.
Go to www.houseitt.in and click on ‘find a flatmate’. Sign up, upload details and photos of your property, and describe the kind of roommate you want.
If anyone wants to be your roommate and is interested, they will contact you directly.