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How to score well : The DU way

By Meha Gupta 26 Jun 2019

The tonnes of comics we have watched on college before actually being in it make us think that college is all about fun. It's when we actually step inside the maze that we sense the dreaded presence of Exams. So congratulations because you scored well in Boards and also because that is hardly going to matter here. Let me burst the bubble here, even though your college scores might not be intriguing to the aunt who was the first to call when your board results came out, they are actually going to help you in a number of ways including getting accepted in foreign Universities for a Master's programme.

Let's be real, it can be really hard to compete with hundreds of students pursuing the course same as yours but that doesn't mean you shouldn't even try. So here are a bunch of tips that can help you know on which side your bread is buttered -

1) Appear - Yes, I know it's important to be present for society meets but you need to sort out your priorities flat out.
2) Gather the ingredients - Even if you weren't able to attend the Lectures, get the notes of someone who was present photocopied. Better yet, make sure you get your mitts on the professor's notes itself. The CR is definitely your best friend here.
3) Know your recipe - The kid who calls a night before the exam to ask for the syllabus must exist only in YouTube videos. It's just a download away.
4) Be the fox - Straight out of cliché land, you really need to study smart, not hard. A simple way to do so is by putting yourself in the shoes of the teacher. Study the favourite answer pattern of your professors and try to follow it's lines.
5) Get your time turner - One minute to midnight and if you still have no idea what the exam is going to be about, instead of ordering food for stress eating, buy your ticket to the past, the savior - Previous 10 years Solved papers
6) Teach the teacher - Now that you're actually supposed to be word vomiting, don't be nonsensical. Place your words in a way that the evaluator gets to know that you understand the topic thoroughly.
7) Beat the clock - Well, not exactly. With a dozen of articles read on time management, it can still be a problem for many. But come on, you've had 12 years of experience with the Indian education system and you must know how much time should be devoted to questions of different marks range.
8) Serve hot - There are always tricks to perfect what you have. The primary way is to write neatly and leave lines between distinguishing content. Attempt the questions you don't know anything about, just write something coming out of common sense.

Good luck!

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